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‘Albion’ Engraved Peacock Handwarmers

Image of ‘Albion’ Engraved Peacock Handwarmers


The Peacock Hand Warmer works by platinum catalysis, which causes neither air pollution nor occurrence of waste. The newly developed re-usable platinum-catalysed glass fibre burner offers quick and sure lighting and gives constant warmth for a full day with just one fill of fuel. The warmer is useable even in extreme cold -40c and produces five times as much heat as disposable warmers. Perfect for those days digging at the trails or out in the city in the freezing cold looking for something to chink. A photographer/videographers new best friend as you'll be able to keep your hands warm when you're out working in the cold. Inscribed with the magickal Albion trifecta-logo you know you need one of these in your christmas stocking.

(Mini/Large/Gaint) £29.95/£32.95/£38.95

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